Packers Aaron Rodgers to Break Dan Marino’s Passing Record?

Don’t look now, but it appears as though Dan Marino’s passing record is going to get smashed into tiny little pieces this year. Worse yet, it won’t be just a single quarterback who earns he honor of breaking one of the more cherished records in football – it could be a whole gang of new school passers.

Back in 1984 Miami Dolphins quarterback, Marino, passed for a record 5,084 yards. In the 27 years since then many a players have aimed to surpass that total, but nobody has actually accomplished the feat.

Until now.


Fifteen weeks into the season Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning all have Marino in their sights – and all signs point to at least one player probably shattering the record.

Don’t forget, this year’s frontrunner in Brees -- who currently has 4,368 yards -- came within a single pass of breaking Marino’s record back in 2009. To date, he and Marino are the only two passers to reach the 5,000-yard plateau. Unlike two years ago, however, this time around Brees has company. Brady has quietly put together a 4,273-yard campaign this year, Rodgers has 4,125 and Manning is shockingly close with 4,105.  

The question as it relates to Rodgers is: will he have to sit down in the home stretch of the regular season? With his Green Bay Packers currently boasting a perfect mark, all Rodgers needs to do is outlast the wily San Francisco 49ers en route to home field throughout the playoffs. Once that’s out of the way, though, there is no real, justifiable reason to leave him in remaining games.

Don’t forget, Green Bay recently lost wide receiver Greg Jennings for a few weeks on a fluke injury in the garbage time of their last outing versus the Oakland Raiders. After that, they probably won’t risk the wellbeing of any player – especially their superstar quarterback.

So, will Rodgers be able to break Marino’s record? Perhaps. But if he doesn’t, it’s safe to say somebody probably will.

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