Pablo Sandoval Takes Hilarious Hit-And-Run Swing That Actually Works (Video)

When you’re at bat and your manager calls a hit-and-run, you swing – no questions asked. Pablo Sandoval knows this, and showed all of us last night that he takes his swinging duties very seriously.

Sandoval stumbled on a hit-and-run attempt during yesterday’s game against the Pirates, but made a desperate attempt to throw his bat across the plate nonetheless.  The result is a hilariously late, Bartolo Colon-esque swing.

The last-minute hack threw off Pirates’ catcher Tony Sanchez, who sent the ball sailing into center field on his throw. Brandon Belt moved up to third base on the error, which means this laughably ugly hit-and-run was actually executed to perfection by the Giants.

I’ve watched this clip about 10 times now and still can’t stop giggling:


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