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I hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend. Another short one from me this morning as it is back to the baseball diamond bright and early with the kids with the conclusion of what will be 14 games in three days with my two oldest boys in their travel league Memorial Day Weekend baseball tournaments. You want to talk about stress on a pitching staff, try playing seven games in three days with a roster of 13-year-olds. Then if you think you can work that out, try 9-year-olds!

As for MLB….

Ozzie Guillen Goes Off

We haven’t heard much from Ozzie Guillen lately as he’s appeared to be depressed about his team. The last time we did hear from him, he didn’t trust anyone. Ozzie’s apathetic view of the baseball world changed yesterday, as he just couldn’t take it anymore. Following the Chicago White Sox 9-8 loss in 14 innings to the Toronto Blue Jays, Guillen went on a tirade with reporters.

The Sox came back from three deficits to force extra innings against the Blue Jays but blew scoring opportunities in the 11th and 12th innings, and Guillen was in rare form describing how he felt about his hitters.

“It went from a very good game to a very horses— game,’’ Guillen said. “Good game because we came back and battled back, but after the ninth inning, we f—ing stink. Flat-out stink. We get back there, very excited in the ninth inning, [double]with two out [by Paul Konerko to tie]. After that, we’re horses—.”

“Our offense f—ing sucks after the ninth. [The players] can say whatever they f—ing want to say. For nine innings, they battled back.

‘‘After the ninth inning, they all sucked.’’

C’mon Ozzie, tell us how you feel!

Rangers Beat Royals On Wild Play At Home

Pablo Sandoval To Return Earlier Than Expected?

Gary Carter’s Tumors Likely Inoperable

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Gary..

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