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Ozzie Guillen Gives Cleveland Fan Hilarious LeBron-Related Autograph

Apparently, Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen is not a Cleveland fan.

Deadspin managed to get these amazing photos of an autograph that Guillen gave some poor Cleveland fan during the White Sox-Indians game on Tuesday.

One side reads:

“Bye Bye LeBron…LOL”

The other side was equally eloquent:

“When are you going to win anything in sports? Please.”

Guillen then proceeded to get ejected during today’s game for arguing two calls.

The famously hot-headed Sox manager was tossed in the second inning by umpire Joe West for a balk call against Mark Buehrle. The team’s left-handed pitcher was the first the first to argue the call, then Guillen came out to join him. In response, West threw out Guillen.

Staying true to his always-classy ways, Guillen dropped his sunglasses and lineup card on the track and left the field.

Still, it's very interesting that the biggest headline out of the White Sox-Indians series will be a baseball with LeBron's name on it.

Photos of the autographed ball below.


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