NFL: Terrell Owens Blames Bengals Failures on Coaching


Stunning news from Michigan, Terrell Owens played a season for a football team and then blamed others after the fact when the team stunk up the joint all year. Right on schedule, that is exactly what T.O. is doing right now, calling out the Bengals coaching and front office.

Owens was on NFL Network’s Total Access recently and told them that the coaching wasn’t there for them to succeed.

“You start with the head coach, and then you start with the staff on both sides of the ball,” Owens. “Offensively, we really didn’t have the coaching that we really needed to muster what we had on the offensive side of the ball.”

Like a wound up pink Energizer rabbit, he kept going.

“I think if you look at the talent we had in that locker room this year and we mustered four wins, that should let you know something is not right,” Owens said. “Throughout the year, I saw some things that really wasn’t right.

“I’ve made a comment about if you’re trying to win some championships, it starts from the top down. (Warren Sapp) mentioned Mike Brown; I think even before I got there, they said the owner was a little different. Obviously, I saw that.”

Nice! Shots at the owner too. While OTR can’t speak about the competence of the team’s coaches (we aren’t in the locker room or the meetings), Owens is probably hitting the nail on the head with Brown. For years, the Bengals had one scout. One fucking scout. Most NFL teams have tons of them. But, not the Bengals. Recipe for success? Or recipe for 4-12?

While we think that Owens’ comments all but secure the fact that he can cross one more team off the list of places that will have him, he’s probably exactly right. In all fairness, he usually is. It’s just that some things don’t need to be said out loud. Like when your wife asks you what you really think of her new haircut.


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