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Over 160 People Cash In On Luis Suarez's World Cup Bite

Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez pulled out his best Mike Tyson impression yesterday and gave Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini a nice bite on the shoulder.

Suarez tried to act as if he’d been hit in the mouth following the bite, but cameras proved otherwise. FIFA is currently reviewing the incident, and, if found guilty, Suarez will be banned for at least two matches and up to two years.

Though the Uruguayan team would sorely miss the ultra-talented Suarez in the event of a ban, a few people around the world couldn’t be happier about his mind-numbingly dumb decision.

Prior to the World Cup’s start, a Norway gambling site called Bettson posted a light-hearted prop bet about Suarez. The bet was as follows: 175-1 odds that Suarez would bite someone during the Cup. Given that Suarez has been known to chomp at people in the past, 167 people actually posted money on the bet. Those people look pretty smart now.

One winner, Thomas Syversen, spoke to ESPN about his winnings.

"I had 32 [Norwegian] krone ($5.25) on it, so it was just for fun," Syversen said.

When that long shot bet came to fruition, Syversen suddenly found himself $916 richer – and he wasn’t even the biggest winner from Suarez’s ill-fated move. Bettson representatives say some lucky gambler took home $3,300.

Luis Suarez, ladies and gentlemen. Helping desperate gamblers everywhere pay their rent.


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