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Ottawa Senators to Add a Defensemen?

All seemed lost in Ottawa as the injuries continued to mount. First Jason Spezza, then Milan Michalek, followed by the all too grizzly cut to Erik Karlsson’s Achilles tendon. Now Craig Anderson is out for at the very least the next two games with an ankle injury. How this team stays afloat is beyond me.

Facing insurmountable odds though, this team just keeps on winning. Many expected them to start tanking follow Karlsson’s injury, that hasn’t been the case to this point though. They are 3-1 since losing their Norris winning defenseman.

If the Senators are going to continue to defy odds and conventional logic and stay competitive, there are no shortage of short term fixes for their patchwork defense. Be it via trade or free agents, there are some options that are definitely worth kicking the tires on.

For as long as Ryan Whitney’s role has been decreasing in Edmonton the Senators have been reportedly interested in him. He is in the final year of his contract and with this season being his worst as an Oiler, he could be had for a pittance of what he’s actually worth. Whitney has plenty of good hockey left in him. He would provide an offensive boost that, although miles away from what they’d get from Karlsson, would certainly help. He could also seriously benefit from a change of scenery.

Another much more unheralded and unheard of defenseman worth consideration is Shaone Morrison. He was once a shutdown stalwart on the backend for the Washington Capitals. He was never a great point producer, but he was very reliable and a perennial plus player on the high flying Capitals. He became a cap casualty in Buffalo and nobody has heard much of him recently as a result. I believe there’s plenty left in the tank with Morrison, and if given the chance to play his experience in Buffalo will put a serious chip on his shoulder. He is currently playing in the KHL, but I’m sure he’d be all over coming back to the NHL.

With the Senators continuing to win, it only makes sense that they continue to add to this young group. This well coached young group just hasn’t any quit in it, but you have to wonder how much longer they will maintain this level of play. Reinforcements are needed. Regardless of whether they add any more pieces or not, if this team can manage to play .500 hockey my vote for the Jack Adams Award goes to Paul MacLean.

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