Osi Umenyiora Embarrasses Himself with Dumb Comments About LeSean McCoy

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By Rob Kotaska

Oh Twitter, how I want to embrace you.  There are moments of laughter, joy and sometimes even information. But they are often drowned out by the wave of stupidity that floods your tubes. Such is the case with Osi Umenyiora, he of the constantly offended, who broke out his kindergarten playbook and called out LeSean McCoy with this school yard quip:

“Happy Mothers Day Lesean Mccoy! Enjoy your special day!!”

This is not the first time Osi has held onto the neanderthal-like position that somehow being a woman means being weak, or lesser than. Watch a woman give birth without pain killers, better yet do it twice like I did and call a woman weak.  If you can still tweet that after the fact then you are dumber than I am classifying you now.

This is not the first time.  Last summer Osi broke out some intelligent commentary in response to LeSean McCoy’s comments that Umenyiora is ‘ “overrated” and “soft” and the third-best defensive lineman on the Giants’ (via Twitter of course.  Anyone who watched the playoffs last year would likely agree with McCoy’s last point.  He is the third best player on that line, at best.)

Osi took to the airwaves calling LeSean “Lady Gaga” and “she”.  He then went on to tell ESPN New York last summer that:

“I refer to him as she because that is something that a woman would do,” and continued, “I have always referred to him as that because he is woman,”.

Save that mess for the Moose Lodge or whatever “man club” you feel you need to belong to in an attempt to hold onto your outdated sense of manliness.  There is simply no place left in the 21st century for this borderline misogyny.  Being an older brother I never had the stomach for such humor. (though I admit laughing during similar bits in “She’s the One” if only because the character using these put downs is shown to know jack and squat about women and gets his comeuppance).

Now that I have a daughter I find it all the more distasteful.  No one is going to tell her she is less than because she has two X chromosomes rather than a Y. And she most certainly should not have to take it  from some 3rd best, D-lineman on Twitter.  My daughter is probably smart and strong enough to know that in the end it doesn’t matter what some football player tweets.

Yet another lesson to be learned from my little girl…and certainly more to come. Hey Osi, she’s free for tutorials whenever you decide you want your mind to follow your technology into this century.

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