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Oscar De La Hoya: Mayweather Would Beat Manny Pacquiao

In perhaps the least shocking assessment ever, boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya has come out and publicly stated that Floyd Mayweather Jr. would beat Manny Pacquiao if the pair’s superfight ever came to fruition.

By way of Twitter, the former champ had this to say on the matter:

“There is no doubt in my mind Mayweather beats Pacquiao. Styles make fighters.”

The boxer-turned-promoter famously fought and lost to both men. As such, he is perhaps the best judge of what could be expected if Pacquiao ever tires of playing PR games and actually gets into the ring with Mayweather.

“You see Manny is fast but Mayweather’s timing is key,” De La Hoya noted.

While the statement seems simple, the former great succinctly described precisely why true boxing aficionados have said for a long time: Pacquiao would meet his match in Mayweather. The latter’s extraordinary ability to defend himself, only to later surgically pick his opponents apart when the moment is right, makes him literally unbeatable.

Showing that he wasn’t biased when making the original claim, De La Hoya had some complimentary words about the most hyped boxer in the sport today.

“Pacman is the man and he does deserve to be the best fighter on the planet today.”

Well said, Oscar. For today, Pacquiao can wear the paper champ crown. When Mayweather clears himself of his current legal troubles, though – Pacman better watch out.

For now, the Filipino superstar will settle for beating the current patsy set in front of him in ‘Splenda’ Shane Mosley on May 7.


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