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2010 NBA Orlando Summer League Recap: Day 5

Oklahoma City Thunder 77 def. Indiana Pacers 73

Latavious Williams – OKC: Took a knock last game and they decided to limit him in this one. 2 points, 2 rebounds and a block in 11 minutes.

Paul George – IND: An impressive and athletic young talent, but this week has shown he still has much work to do before being a consistent contributor on a competitive NBA team. His jump shot was very inconsistent this week (33%) and he was a little turnover prone at times (4.8). However, he gets to the line often where he converts, rebounds at a good clip for a wing, and the jump shot should start falling because everyone knows this guy can shoot.

Lance Stephenson – IND: DNP (Injury) Easily the most impressive player this week for where he was taken in the draft. Has a lot of critics to prove wrong and he’s off to a great start. Averaged 15 points on 73% shooting in Orlando.

Magnum Rolle – IND: Big man looks like a promising prospect for the Pacers that was a second round find. Still has a pretty raw game and gets into foul trouble easily, but Rolle put in a solid week here in Orlando. Averaged 13.4 points on 57% shooting with 7 rebounds and 2 blocks per game.

Utah Jazz 85 def. Philadelphia 76ers 56

Gordon Hayward – UTA: Jazz didn’t really give him as many minutes as some of the other top picks were getting, but he was solid when on the court. Incredibly efficient on the offensive end shooting 62% from the field and 93% from the line. Big enough and active enough to get some rebounds and the occasional block as well. His style of play might flourish in a supporting role for this first year at least. Might have to flourish early with Kyle Korver departing Utah this offseason.

Jeremy Evans – UTA: Had a high flying alley-oop finish in this one, demonstrating one of his clear upsides. Didn’t show anything this week that would guarantee his spot on Utah’s roster, but his length and athleticism might be worth the investment.

Dominic Waters – UTA: Long shot to make the team, but finally got some extended run in the last game this week. Had 5 assists, but also 4 turnovers. Unfortunately for both him and Tyrese Rice, the Jazz will likely resign Sundiata Gaines.

Evan Turner – PHI: Had an rather pedestrian showing for what you’d expect from the number 2 overall pick. Playing off the ball might take a longer adjustment than people had originally thought. Shot a low 33% and seemed to have foul troubles all week. That being said, he still looks like he will be an incredibly talented and versatile player for the Sixers. Shot 100% from the line, pulled in 5.6 rebounds and gave out 2.8 assists per game.

New Jersey Nets 86 def. Boston Celtics 68

Derrick Favors – NJ: Blew up in this one, making a statement in his final summer league game. 23 points on 10-17 shooting and 11 rebounds. The rest of the week wasn’t quite as explosive for the 3rd pick as he shot 46% for a big man and was always seemed to have fouling issues (5.8/game) that will keep him out of the real games. Still a great sign for the massive potential in this young big man.

Damion James – NJ: DNP (Strained Thumb) Looked impressive this week with a chip on his shoulder from the teams who passed on him. Averaged 19 points and 5.3 rebounds per game from the wing position.

Brian Zoubek – NJ: Gonna give you a solid rebounding presence in the middle, but not much else. Teams are usually always in need of reliable big men, at least for depth. The Nets could very likely give him a shot this season.

Luke Harangody – BOS: Easily one of best and most consistent players this week. Averaged 16.6 points on 47% shooting with nearly 7 rebounds per game. Also shot a surprising 50% from downtown. Harangody is looking like he would be a great pick-and-pop option and high energy guy in Boston’s second unit.

Art Parakhouski – BOS: Excellent rebounder and efficient post scorer, but just failed to really impress this week. Part of this problem was that he suffered from limited minutes on the floor. Many thought he was a potential second round pick with his solid numbers in college, but it remains to be seen whether a team might give him a shot.

Orlando Magic 80 def. Charlotte Bobcats 77

Daniel Orton – ORL: Completed his unimpressive week going 1-7 from the floor with 0 rebounds in 20 minutes. Averaged 15% shooting (as a center!), 1.8 rebounds and 2.4 turnovers for the week. Not really much else to say.

Stanley Robinson – ORL: Had a really good last game for the Magic, scoring 13 points and 10 rebounds. One of those baskets coming by way of an eye popping windmill slam. We’ll see if the former college standout has done enough to earn himself a spot on the final roster after training camp.

Sherron Collins – CHA: The undrafted college star went nuts in his last game in Orlando. Collins was 7-11 from 3 point land en route to 32 points. Didn’t get too much exposure this week with the Bobcats due to limited minutes in other games, but he could very likely end up playing for them, especially with Raymond Felton heading out of town.

Marquis Gilstrap – CHA: Didn’t get too much time on the court compared to others and also seemed to have trouble with his shooting, averaging just 20% on the week


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