2010 Orlando Summer League Recap: Day 1

Charlotte Bobcats 85, Utah Jazz 83

The Utah Jazz started off slow going down big initially to the Gerald Henderson led Bobcats. They slowly worked their way back into the game, but Sundiata Gaines was unable to recreate his last shot heroics from last season and the Jazz fell to Charlotte by two.

Sherron Collins – CHA, Rookie: Ended up getting fewer minutes than Jeremy Pargo. Shot ok, but had 6 fouls in 14 minutes.

Marquis Gilstrap – CHA, Rookie: Was active in his limited time on the court, but was usually forcing the action, taking difficult shots. It showed with his 1-5 shooting.

Gerald Henderson – CHA, Sophomore: Stole the show early with some flashy, athletic finishes at the rim. Scored 20 points on 7-13 shooting.

Gordon Hayward – UTA, Rookie: At times played a little too patiently, passing up on shots and not looking to attack the basket. Still played efficiently and made good decisions.

Jeremy Evans – UTA, Rookie: Utah’s second round selection didn’t help himself much. Was nearly invisible on the court with no field goal attempts, no rebounds, and a turnover in 16 minutes.

Sundiata Gaines – UTA, Sophomore: Numbers look questionable, but played confidently on the ball and facilitated much of the action for Utah. Struggles greatly with free throws for someone who attacks the lane as much as he does.

Indiana Pacers 86, Orlando Magic 77

Lance Stephenson – IND, Rookie: Looked like the Pacers first round pick with his incredibly confident and solid play, scoring 21 points on 8-10 shooting. Easily the early favorite for Orlando MVP.

Paul George – IND, Rookie: Didn’t shoot the ball that well, but converted on all of his 7 free throws. His athleticism and upside is clearly there and he’ll be incredibly dangerous when the shooting picks up to where it should be.

Magnum Rolle – IND, Rookie: Quietly solid performance from the big guy out of Louisiana Tech. 13 points and 5 rebounds in 18 minutes.

Daniel Orton – ORL, Rookie: Couldn’t have pictured a worse start to his NBA career. Orton was 1-8 from the field, 1-4 from the stripe, 5 fouls and was ejected after a scuffle with Josh McRoberts in only 13 minutes of play.

Stanley Robinson – ORL, Rookie: Very active with 7 boards, but otherwise nothing to write home about.

Boston Celtics 82, Oklahoma City Thunder 87

Oklahoma City’s impressive summer league roster got off to a slow start, going down big in the first half. They were able to put it together and rally for the win off solid play from James Harden, Eric Maynor and Byron Mullens.

James Harden – OKC, Sophomore: Attacking early and often, Harden got most of his points from the line, shooting 15-18.

Eric Maynor – OKC, Sophomore: Looked comfortable and solid running the point, putting together 15 points and 5 assists for the Thunder.

Byron Mullens – OKC, Sophomore: The rarely used big man from last season is putting in his bid for more playing time as he had 24 points and 7 rebounds.

Luke Harangody – Boston, Rookie: The All-American putting up a strong effort to make the final roster for Boston. Shot very well, even from deep as he scored 23 points.

Ryan Thompson - Boston, Rookie: Solid and active effort from the guard out of Rider. Converted all 9 of his free throws and made smart decisions, taking good shots.

DeShawn Sims – Boston, Rookie: Struggled to find his groove in the offense in his relatively limited time on the court. Only 2 points and 1 rebound, but 4 fouls in 12 minutes.

New Jersey Nets 74, Philadelphia 76ers 84

Terrance Williams – NJ, Sophomore: T-Will looked good in this game with confidence on the ball and great finishes at the rim. Had 23 points and 7 assists.

Derrick Favors – NJ, Rookie: Struggled to put his offensive game together, shooting only 2-8 from the field, but was solid on the defensive end grabbing 9 rebounds and blocking 2 shots.

Damion James - NJ, Rookie: Wasn’t shy in putting up the ball, but could’ve had a little better shot selection. Stayed active picking up 5 rebounds, but also 7 fouls

Evan Turner – PHI, Rookie: Probably isn’t quite used to playing off the ball as much as he had to and ended up doing most of his work from the line making all 8 of his free throws.

Jrue Holiday – PHI, Sophomore: Other than his free throw shooting, looked great in his poise and control at the point for the Sixers. Shot well and dished out 8 assists.


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