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The Orioles Look Like Little Leaguers On Blooper Reel Play (Video)

The Baltimore Orioles are a good team this year -- they’ve posted a 68-50 record and sit atop the American League East by a six game margin.

Buck Showalter’s squad has the mix of savvy veterans, young stars, and experienced coaching you look for in a team poised to make a run in October. 

Let’s put aside that success for a moment, though, and enjoy this hilariously bad play the O’s pulled off last night. There were mental blunders, dropped balls, base runners hit in the head, multiple errors, and more all in one play.

This one is destined for blooper reel infamy:

Thanks to the O's aforementioned talent, they responded to the blunder by scoring 10 unanswered runs and beating the Yankees 11-3. 



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