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Oregon’s Blount: I'm Best Running Back in 2010 NFL Draft

By John Ritter

It’s no secret that words have taken on a whole new importance in the NFL Draft as prospects aim to change their perception from scouts and executives.

And one of college football’s notorious punchers is trying to do just that. When asked about his status among running back prospects, Blount took a stand and tried to pound it into the NFL’s head via Statesman Journal that he will be the best of the bunch when all said and done.

“To be 100 percent honest, I feel like I’m the best running back in this draft,” Blount told the Journal.

Most of the football world already knows LeGarrette Blount to be aggressive, but most are questioning his ability. He is currently out of the top 10 running backs in most mock drafts, and his infamous melee isn’t working to his favor.

“I don’t really look at my draft stock and what’s on the Internet,” Blount said. “You can call them draft experts, but it doesn’t mean they’re accurate.”

Blount was suspended for most of the 2009 season after sucker punching a Boise State player and nearly attacking Broncos fans in the stands. He was eventually let back on the team for good behavior, and ended up lending a hand in Oregon’s surprising Pac-10 title that upset NCAA Football Sportsbooks.

Blount rushed for 82 yards and two scores in the Ducks’ final two games, and had a touchdown in the Rose Bowl loss to Ohio State.

Scouts are also concerned about his quickness and agility as a 240-pound bruiser. Also as a weak pass blocker and receiver, teams who are able to look past his thorny history may still pass up on him as an overall player.

“With risks and problems outweighing the likely rewards, Blount’s draft stock couldn’t be too much lower,” wrote KFFL’s Cory Bonini. “He has third-round talent but probably won’t come off the board until the sixth round. The best-case scenario for Blount seems to be the early fourth round, and it’s conceivable he could go as far south as undrafted.”

That is, of course, unless Blount is able to grab an audience with his proclamation, and be convincing enough to alter his perception.


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