Nike Gives Oregon "Trippy" New "Trees" Basketball Court

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Move over Boston Garden -- there will soon be a basketball court more unique than your famous parquet. A new college basketball floor will be like being in the forest.

The University of Oregon’s Matthew Knight Arena is set to open in a couple of months. When it does, fans and players will be amazed by the court.

As described by, the wood floor "features a trippy, inverse perspective that makes it appear as if you’re looking up through a grove of fir trees."

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The court was developed by Nike design guru Tinker Hatfield, which is no surprise, given that Nike boss Phil Knight has long been the university’s chief athletic benefactor. The graphics took more than 2,500 man-hours to complete and required some 2 miles of stenciling material in order to lay the graphics down properly.

In addition to being visually stunning, the court is also designed to intimidate opponents. “If you’re part of the opposing team, you ought to dread coming there," said Hatfield.


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