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Oregon Football Players Yell ‘No Means No’ At Quarterback Accused Of Rape (Video)

The University of Oregon defeated Florida State University 59-20 in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day.

After the game, some of the Oregon Ducks apparently mocked Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston, who was accused of rape in 2012, but never charged with a crime.

According to ABC News, the Oregon players chanted "No means no" to the melody of Florida State's "war chant" (video below).

Winston, a Heisman Trophy winner, was cleared of any student code of conduct violations in December 2014, noted USA Today.

However, The New York Times reported in April that “there was virtually no investigation at all, either by the police or the university. The police did not follow the obvious leads that would have quickly identified the suspect as well as witnesses, one of whom videotaped part of the sexual encounter. After the accuser identified Mr. Winston as her assailant, the police did not even attempt to interview him for nearly two weeks and never obtained his DNA."

"We are aware of the inappropriate behavior in the postgame," Oregon coach Mark Helfrich said in a statement on Jan. 1, noted ESPN. "This is not what our program stands for, and the student-athletes will be disciplined internally."

Sources: ABC News, USA Today, The New York Times, ESPN
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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