Oprah's Final Shows More Important than Bulls, Heat, NBA Playoffs


The fact that Queen of the World Oprah Winfrey is more important than us regular folks is something that is widely accepted and never disputed.

Now, however, it appears as though Winfrey is preparing to show the Chicago Bulls, NBA and David Stern why they should all bow down as well.

According to a report by Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the NBA told all the need-to-know parties before Tuesday night’s Bulls-Atlanta Hawks game that Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals would be shifted from Monday to Sunday night if the former won the series in six games. This, apparently, is the direct result of the United Center being unavailable due to Oprah using it as a set-up spot for one of her final shows.

If Bulls-Hawks goes seven games, then all is good, and Game 1 would simply kick off on Wednesday.

And if Atlanta manages to come back over the course of the next two games and win the series, then Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals will be delayed as people attempt to deal with hell freezing over and all the flying pigs.


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