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Floyd Mayweather Couldn't Beat Manny Pacquiao

I don't think Floyd Mayweather would be the favorite in a fight between him and Manny Pacquiao. It's not because he's an American and Pacquiao is not, but because people know (and he himself knows) that his butt will be beaten this time.

Obviously, he is making a lot of excuses just to escape this unavoidable fight with Pacquiao, telling the whole world drug testing should be made to make it appear that Pacquiao is scared. So they know he is taking some kind of illegal substance, where in fact it is just the issue of the number of days blood testing should be done. And, right after the fight, blood testing can be done right away, but the issue of how many days before the fight is what Manny Pacquiao is contesting

This is because he said it makes him weaker, like the first fight with Eric Morales. It made him lose the fight,and he doesn't want that to happen again. Finally, Manny agreed to what Mayweather wanted to happen just to make the fight materialize.

Now Mayweather is asking for a purse money to be acceptable to his desire and Pacquiao agreed. Yet now Floyd is making up another story, telling the whole world that he is retiring to give attention to his boxing gym.

What's next? What will you think then? You will think then that he is scared to fight Pacquiao.That he would rather retire than be beaten and lose for the first time. An American, according to the anthem, is the "land of the brave" but a yellow black man is scared to fight the first Asian and doesn;t want to be beaten. Instead, he would rather retire than see himself beaten.


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