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Oops: Chicago Sun-Times Wrong Photo of Matt Garza

As if the newspaper business wasn't having a rough enough time, now a major paper in Chicago is suffering the embarrassment of blowing a huge sports story.

The day after the Cubs made a blockbuster trade to acquire Matt Garza from the Tampa Bay Rays, it was a no-brainer that the story would be on the back page of the Chicago Sun-Times on Saturday. But it appears someone with no brain picked the photo that ran with the story.

Instead of a picture of Garza pitching with the Rays, the Sun-Times used a photo of another fuzzy-chinned former Rays pitcher, Joaquin Benoit.

The paper was able to change the photo in its online version of the story once the mistake was noticed, but you can't change a printed newspaper, so hundreds of thousands of people (or whatever newspaper circulation is these days) got what will surely be a collector's item.

There's been no "we regret the error" statement from the Sun-Times just yet, but it is sure to come.


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