2010 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Preview, Analysis and Odds

Nathan’s Hot Dogs are one of America’s favorite foods and believe it or not, part of one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Nathan’s was founded in the early 1916′s by an immigrant by the name of Nathan Handwerker. He started his business with one hot dog stand located on Coney Island. That very stand is where the very first Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest was held. The contest was created to settle a bet on which of four immigrants had the most patriotism. The contest quickly became an annual event which takes place every Independence Day.

There is no question as to why Nathan’s Famous is one of the most talked about American foods around. Their product compares to none other in the business, which is thanks to Nathan Handwerker’s wife, Ida, who first developed the receipt. For almost 100 years, this brand has been satisfying customers all over the world. So much so that some people can not seem to get enough of these scrumptious hot dogs.

Every year contestants go head to head in a competitive eating contest. Last year winner Joey Chestnut down 68 hot dogs and buns in less than 68 minutes. His biggest competition was Takeru Kobayashi, a participant from Nagano, Japan. Takeru Kobayashi finished on dogs behind Chestnut and gave Chestnut a run for the money right up until the very end. It has recently been announced that Takeru Kobayashi will not be competing in the 2010 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. This will be the first time he will not be competing in the contest since his debut in 2001. It appears that Takeru Kobayashi failed to sign the required contract provided by contest administrators, which has resulted in his non participation this year. There is still one day until the big event and no one would be more pleased to see Takeru Kobayashi make it into the competition than Chestnut.

Although Chestnut may not have the chance to go head to head with Takeru Kobayashi, there are plenty of other participants just waiting to match up against Chestnut. Entertainment betting odds still have Chestnut listed as a favorite, but there is no telling what this years competition has in store for fans.

Joey Chestnut           -300
Takeru Kobayashi         +150
Pat Bertoletti         +1200
Tim Eater X Janus         +1400
Bob Shoudt         +3000
Sonya Thomas         +3500
Hall Hunt         +3500


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