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O’Neal: Suns Hill Only NBA Husband Who Doesn’t Cheat

Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife, Shaunie, certainly isn’t endearing herself to NBA players with her latest comments while doing an interview on syndicated morning radio show Big Boy’s Neighborhood.

During the show, Shaunie said that infidelity was a common thing among NBA marriages and that she only knew of one particular player who didn’t stray – Phoenix Suns veteran Grant Hill.

“Someone asked me recently if I knew any basketball player who is faithful… I think that I do know one that is faithful. Personally.

“If someone made me bet on who is faithful (in the NBA) I’d say Grant Hill. “

She was then asked if she knew any other player who was faithful to his wife.

“I wouldn’t bet (on it). No.”

Check out the full audio from the interview HERE.

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