ONE FC Makes an Interesting Rule Change

ONE FC has started to become a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world. They have found a niche in the Asia market place and it doesn’t look like they are slowing down anytime soon. Many people have started to compare ONE to the old PRIDE Fighting Championships that use to operate out of Japan. The comparisons have mostly come from the rule set that ONE has adopted.

The promotion has always allowed soccer kicks to the head, but it was at the referee’s discretion. Essentially the referee would have to signal for an ‘open attack’ basically giving a fighter the right to use soccer kicks against a downed opponent.

This was a bizarre rule and has been the focal point of some recent controversy when a fight between Andre Arlovski and Tim Sylvia was ruled a no contest at ONE FC 5. Arlovski knocked Sylvia down and threw a kick to Sylvia’s head and the referee stopped the fight due to Arlovski not getting the nod from the referee first.

Many critics have wondered why ONE has allowed soccer kicks to begin with, and when it was announced that the promotion would be changing the rule, many thought they would be getting rid of the rule altogether. However, ONE FC has gone one step further and have decided adopt the old PRIDE rules where soccer kicks are allowed at all times when an opponent is on the ground.

Whether you agree or disagree, at least there is less ambiguity and future fights won’t be affected by what was a bizarre rule to begin with.

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