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Randy Moss Firing Agent: Smart or Dumb?

Randy Moss recently told his agent, Tim DiPiero, that he no longer had use for his services. But Randy is not moving on to a new agent. Instead, he plans on negotiating his next deal a la Daunte Culpepper – by himself.

Truthfully, I can understand why someone in Moss’s situation might not need an agent to negotiate his salary. After 13 years in the league, Moss may understand his value and have a grasp on how to negotiate his future contract (if he has been paying attention to his agent’s moves during his career).

But what about Moss’s business off of the field? It would probably be smart for him to retain help in regards to his endorsement, appearance, charity, etc. work off of the field even though he may feel that he can handle his own negotiations for his work on the field. Apparently, he agrees.

To all the agents out there,” Moss continued, I am a free man! I am looking for a new agent. I got this football thing under control, but going into my 13th year in the league, I’m still marketable. I’m looking for an agent that’s going to get me out there with my marketing ability. I can shoot commercials. That’s what I’m looking for right now — that off-the-field money. I really wasn’t into commercials, because I wanted to concentrate on one objective, being a better football player year-in and year-out. Now, late in my career, I’m still thinking I have some marketing opportunities out there. I need an agent or agency that’s going to get out there and find those business deals off the field.”


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