Old Man Kicks Arizona State University Football Fan in Face, Chaos Erupts (Video)


Violence broke out in the stands over the weekend during a football game between longtime rivals University of Arizona and Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe, Ariz.

In the middle of an argument, an unidentified older man kicked an ASU fan in the face, notes CBS Chicago.

The cell phone video (below) was shot by an unidentified audience member.

After the kick, several ASU fans went after the senior, who responded by swinging punches, but the video ends.

A source told TMZ, "The old man was yelling at some undergrads and some girls. He was told to 'shut his mouth.' The old man took offense. He kicked. He then got what he deserved. He was destroyed."

The same source claims that stadium security personnel came to the scene and "[the old man] and his redneck family were kicked out," but the ASU fans who assaulted him were allowed to stay.

Sources: TMZ and CBS Chicago


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