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O.J. Mayo's Agent Owns Some Interesting Property

In almost 6 years of operating this website (our 6th year anniversary is December 31), I have only covered sports agent LaPoe “Smitty” Smith Jr. a total of 1 time – in reference to O.J. Mayosigning with Smith for representation.  Mayo signed with Smith after firing Leon Rose of Creative Artists Agency (CAA).  After publishing this post, I was reminded that Mayo is no longer with Smith.  He is now represented by Rob Pelinka of Landmark Sports Agency.

Why has Smith once again appeared on our radar?  A couple of days ago, the San Antonio Express-News reported that federal authorities are trying to seize California property owned by Smith because there appeared to be marijuana on the property.  Further,

“the federal government contends that Smith sent, or had someone send, numerous money orders, bank and cashier’s checks to buy the five parcels of property, which cost a total of more than $161,000.

The money orders and checks were bought in increments under $10,000, the feds allege, adding that it has the hallmarks of money laundering.”

It gets worse.  The San Antonio Express-News also states that former NBA player Antoine Walker, who has been arrested in the past based on charges related to owing over $800,000 in gambling debts, has informed Internal Revenue Service agents that from 2005-2009, Smith failed to report roughly $600,000 in gambling winnings to the IRS.

It is safe to say that LaPoe Smith has a lot more than the NBA Lockout on his mind.

This article originally appeared on the Sports Agent Blog.


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