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Ohio State’s Cardale Jones: “Why Should We Have to Go to Class if We Came Here to Play Football”

Unless you are a diehard Ohio State football fan, you’ve probably never heard of Cardale Jones. The reason you’ve never heard of Cardale Jones is because, since he is a third-string freshman quarterback, he has never actually ever done anything worth talking about.

Well, good news – on Friday, he finally did something worth talking about.

He accidentally told the truth about collegiate athletes and the education that their universities purportedly compensate them with.

Check out the tweet Jones sent out this morning (via Deadspin):

Image placeholder title

In his defense, Friday classes really are brutal.

As you would expect, the tweet was taken down a short time later. His account now looks like this (via Buzzfeed):

The really funny thing about this situation is that Jones will get hammered for, again, telling the truth. Athletes (particularly of the football and basketball variety) attend these places intending to turn pro, not to get an education.

Schools using the “we give them a free education while exploiting them physically” excuse are the ones who are lying and deserve to be called out on it.

But that’ll never happen.

(Kudos Deadspin, Buzzfeed)

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