Ohio State, Iowa Shirts Make Light of Penn State Child Rape Scandal (Photos)

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Penn State fans, do you want another reason to hate Ohio State and Iowa? Here you go.

At least Ohio State and Iowa use the proper word to complete the so-called joke ("than" instead of "then", and insert SEC education joke here). Everybody should have expected that rival fanbases were going to poke fun at Penn State and mock them for what unfortunately happened on Penn State's campus, but anyone who chooses to make light of sexual abuse of children should probably have their heads examined.

There is nothing funny about what happened at Penn State, but there will always be a few who choose to make a couple bucks off of a tragic story like this, and these tshirts are proof of that.

Hey, this is a free country. You have every right to wear one of these shirts, or any variation that is out there yet to be discovered. But I also have the right to say you are a disturbed individual if you do buy and wear these shirts.

What do you think? Innocent joke, or morally offensive? Leave your opinions in the comments section.

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