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LeBron James Taunts Cavs after Record Loss: Blames “Karma”

LeBron, you level-headed, shrewd PR genius you – congratulations on rubbing salt in your old team’s wounds via Twitter yesterday. That was just plain smart. No way that will come back to bite you in the you-know-what.

On Tuesday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Los Angeles Lakers by 55 points. The 112-57 blowout defeat was the team’s 21st loss in 22 games, and took them all the way down to an 8-30 record.

After the game, many avid basketball fans started to feel a bit bad for James. After all, he made this same team great at one point. He took them to various levels of the Eastern Conference playoffs, and he actually made them a legitimate contender for the championship.

If he could do all that with this garbage team, maybe he has some credit coming to him. Right?

Well, before anyone could wax too poetically about the hard knock life James had in Cleveland, LeBroncho Cinco decided that...

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