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USADA CEO on Floyd Landis' Steroid Admission

In response to many requests for comment to admissions reportedly made by U.S. cyclist Floyd Landis, USADA issues the following statement from CEO Travis T. Tygart:

"Clean athletes and those who value clean sport can rest assured that the institutions established to support and protect them are working diligently on their behalf. Our duty is to fairly and thoroughly pursue any and all reliable evidence of doping to reveal the truth and to ensure honest and fair athletic competition worldwide for both fans and athletes.

"In circumstances where the process results in credible evidence of doping, USADA will follow its mandate to protect clean athletes and the integrity of sport by taking appropriate action under the rules established by federal law.

"With that said, we do not comment on the substance of any doping investigation.It is important to re-emphasize USADA’s position that all athletes are innocent until and unless proven otherwise through the established legal process. Attempts to sensationalize or exploit either the process or the athletes are a disservice to fair play, due process, and to those who love clean sport."


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