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Manny Pacquiao Can Stop Ducking Shane Mosley Now

It would figure that Manny Pacquiao would finally stop running away from “Sugar” Shane Mosley when Mosley is so far past his prime that he’s about to start his career over again.

Courtesy of Pacquiao’s advisor Michael Koncz taking his very own media tour over the past few days, we’ve been all but guaranteed that his boy will square off against Mosley for his next bout.  Speaking with The Bulletin, Koncz said the 39-year-old Mosley appears to be the most viable option for Pacquiao – or at least the latest hand-picked punching bag for the Filipino superstar to tear apart in the ring.

On behalf of fans everywhere, the last thing anyone wants to see right now is the 46-6-1 Mosley, who lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr. this past May by laughable scores of 119-109, 118-110 and 119-109, in the ring against Pacquiao.

At this point in his career, Mosley is far more Splenda than C&H, and the only thing he’s substituting for is a real fighter. Mosley's “draw” against Sergio Mora further proved that not only is he unable to compete at the top level of boxing anymore, he’s also incredibly boring.

In his last five fights, Mosley is 2-2-1 with his only wins coming over Ricardo Mayorga and Antonio Margarito.

There is no doubt in any true boxing aficionados mind that Pacquiao will absolutely obliterate Mosley with his speed, strength and agility. In fact, while Mosley has name recognition, you have to wonder who would actually pay to see this fight. Though Pacquiao’s camp does have a documented history of giving him some very easy opponents to fight against, this would be ridiculous. So ridiculous, mind you, that Pacquiao’s streak of being an unimpressive superstar draw might reach a new low.

The interesting bit about all these talks is that Pacquiao has decided that now is the appropriate time to square off against the brittle Mosley. Where was this confidence from the Filipino superstar and his biggest fan Bob Arum when Mosley was willing to drop to the lower catch weight of 140?

You know, when Pacquiao ducked into a Miguel Cotto fight despite Mosley's willingness to meet him at 140 while Cotto was at 145. When Mosley so desperately sought a fight that he agreed to take a smaller money cut to face off against Pacquiao.

Everyone knows Pacquiao did a Houdini act when Mosley was looking for him was because he knew at the time Mosley was quicker, stronger and better at absorbing punches. It’s almost guaranteed that Mosley would have given him an extra strength Juan Manuel Marquez-like beating that fans all over knew Cotto wasn’t prepared to offer.

Now, though, Pacquiao is simply adding another name to the long list of past-their-prime greats like Oscar De La Hoya and Ricky Hatton -- who he has fought later rather than sooner.

Frankly, until Pacquiao apologizes to Mayweather Jr. for wasting his time in the early negotiations and finally sets up a fight – it would be great if his representatives stopped filling headlines with the names of has-beens who can't scuff up their superstar.


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