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Odom-Kardashian Reality Show Adds to Ongoing Lakers Circus

So Los Angeles Lakers star Lamar Odom is doing a reality show with his wife -- the “funny one” out of the Kardashian Clan -- sometime in the near future.  


Between Phil Jackson’s public battles with keep-things-private Ron Artest and Zen-bulls**t Kobe Bryant, and now this, clearly the Lakers are headed in the right direction for a three-peat. After all, a reality show and inner-turmoil -- that’s always the recipe for success.

All this team needs now is for Artest to fight Jack Nicholson in the stands and Derek Fisher to get brought up on gun charges to really have a great year.

Seriously, what’s going on with the Lakers?

Can this team simply focus on basketball during the one year it has left to remain favorites in the Western Conference? They have more talent...

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