An Ode to the South Carolina-Clemson Rivalry


As I was visiting today, I read on their message board a Clemson poem that someone had posted. The author is unknown but they deserve a lot of credit for putting together well-thought out poem about the South Carolina Gamecocks beating Clemson four years in a row. Check it out:

Ho-Ho-Ho Four in a Row

Up in the upstate, from the tigers you’d hear:
“bring on the Gamecocks, we’ve got ‘em this year.”
“Their offense is injured and their defense is weak,
it’s our turf this year…there’ll be no 4-peat.”

“Our offense is unstoppable, just look how we score—
no way we will lose, because our talent is more.”
“With Boyd at the helm and Watkins getting free,
we’re sure of a win-- a tiger scoring spree!”

The tigers scored first and the orange clad were grinning,
but the Gamecocks fought back---Dabo’s head started spinning.
Thompson ran the offense with Sanders doing his part,
Miles kept the ball moving—his running was true art!

Clowney played brilliant—he put Boyd on his ass,
a school record he set, on the orange colored grass.
Swearinger was a beast as clemson would learn,
the defense played tough and the tigers were concerned.

The second half proved to be all garnet and black,
the “unstoppable” offense was stopped dead in its tracks.
The ‘Cocks moved the ball and did not lose any steam,
for the tigers defense---it was all a bad dream.

Dabo and company would try as they may,
but the Gamecocks prevailed at the end of the day.
The scoreboard displayed a most beautiful scene,
Carolina 27 and the tigers 17.

So in this season of giving, with trees all aglow,
hear Santa exclaim---Ho-Ho-Ho, 4 in a row!
The tigers are in meltdown as the winning streak stays alive,
while the Gamecocks are crowing all the way to number five!

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