Odds on Future NASCAR Fights Published, Are People Betting?


Fights between NASCAR drivers have made the news recently thanks to a wild brawl at the Texas 500 last weekend involving Brad Keselowski, Jeff Gordon, Kevin Harvick and their teams.

Jalopnik.com notes that no one is taking official bets on future NASCAR fights, but reports that the website MyTopSportsbooks.com is publishing odds on who will be brawling next.

MyTopSportsbooks.com reported on Oct. 16:

Odds Brad Keselowski gets into another fight with Denny Hamlin or Matt Kenseth before the end of the Sprint Cup Chase – 100/1

Odds two other drivers get into a post-race fight before the end of the current Sprint Cup Chase – 5/1

If there is another post-race fight before the end of the season, who is the most likely combatant (other than Keselowski, Hamlin, and Kenseth)?

Jeff Gordon – 5/1

Dale Earnhardt Jr. – 10/1

Encouraged by the melee at the Texas 500, MyTopSportsBooks.com predicted on Nov. 4:

Odds of two drivers getting into a post-race fight before the end of the current Sprint Cup Chase: 5/1

Odds of Brad Keselowski’s driving leading to another post-race fracas: 15/2

If someone does go after Keselowski, who is it most likely to be?

Jeff Gordon – 5/1

Kevin Harvick – 6/1

Carl Edwards – 8/1

Sources: Jalopnik.com, MyTopSportsbooks.com


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