Odd Details Emerge About Crash That Killed Former NFL Kicker Rob Bironas

The details surrounding former NFL kicker Rob Bironas’ death get stranger by the day.

Bironas, who played nine seasons with the Tennessee Titans, died in a car crash on Saturday night. On Monday, it was reported that Bironas tried to run a woman off the road in the moments leading up to his death. Today, another person came forward saying that Bironas tried to run a car he was in off of the road, too.

Connor Fraley, 20, was riding around town with some friends when they pulled up next to Bironas’ white SUV. Fraley noticed a burning smell coming from Bironas’ car.

"His window was down, and we pulled up and I said, "Hey man, just a heads up, something's burning from your exhaust. Your exhaust smells horrible, just wanted to let you know,'' Fraley tells the Tennessean. "He looked over at me and said ‘I'm going to kill everybody in your (expletive) vehicle.’ It was so random, so bizarre I was like, ‘What?’ And he said the exact same thing again."

The vehicle Fraley was in turned left after the strange encounter, but Bironas followed them. At one point Bironas sped up and, according to Fraley, “tried to sideswipe [our] vehicle and missed us by a foot.”

Fraley and friends called a 911 dispatcher as they sped away from Bironas.

"The girls in the back seat were starting to freak out because he was swerving on the road in between lanes, all over the place.'' Fraley said. "We had no idea who he was and why he was trying to harm us. It was a fight or flight situation and, unfortunately, we had to take flight at about 110 miles per hour. It was very scary."

Soon after losing Fraley’s car, Bironas almost hit another vehicle. Bironas allegedly gave the car’s passengers, a married couple, a dirty look after almost swiping them. The couple then pulled off to the side of the road, but Bironas followed them. When the husband got out of the car to confront Bironas, he sped off. The couple saw Bironas’ wrecked car on the side of the road moments later.

Police say they don't think Bironas was drunk or on drugs at the time of the accident. With that said, the results of a toxicology report should be available within a few weeks.

Daphne Lauderdale, who witnessed Bironas speeding moments before the crash, called the accident “a shame” and said it’s clear something was not right with the former NFL kicker.

"Something was wrong. He was driving erratic and driving extremely fast in a very dangerous place,'' Lauderdale told the Tennessean. "We got out the next day and walked down the street to the accident site and there were no skid marks, it didn't look like he hit the brakes at all.

"It's a shame. You make one bad decision or choice, and it cost him his life. That's a shame."


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