An Inside Look: Ochocinco’s MLS Soccer Tryout


Apparently, the soccer tryouts that Cincinatti Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco decided to undertake with Sporting Kansas City proved to be more challenging than we sideline observers had anticipated.

Ochocinco himself seems to have known about the magnitude of the task he undertook. In a phone interview, Sporting’s head coach Peter Vermes said that while the Bengals WR lacked nothing in heart and attitude, the game – at professional level – was simply “above him.”

During his second tryout day, Ochocinco managed to deliver a couple of magnificent crosses, but even he admitted that both passes may have only been due to luck. He said he was certain he couldn’t deliver such crosses at will, therefore he could only chalk them up to luck.

According to coach Vermes, Chad probably did not expect the game to be so fast and so technical in the same time. He did admit though that if one of his guys was to go play with an NFL team, he would feel equally lost. Ochocinco said that he felt humbled by the experience and even though he considered himself a top-notch athlete, it took more to play soccer on a professional level than pure athleticism.

Ochocinco’s first tryout day must not have been a stellar one, but the coach said he definitely improved for the second, even though that improvement was not of a technical or tactical nature. He did find his swagger though and the cooler, more relaxed approach produced instant results.

Ochocinco still has two more days to live his dream, after which it’ll probably be a wrap for him. He said he was OK with it and he was ready to let it go. Just being able to play with professional level players and to be on the same pitch with them seemed to appease him.


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