NFL: OchoCinco Changes Name Back to Chad Johnson


OTR never really got into calling him Chad OchoCinco. It was a stupid gimmick and he’ll always be known as Chad Johnson to us. But, according to his Twitter account, he might be Chad Johnson again soon to everyone else as well.

“@schuerman77 I love Cincy,we are gonna be fine, just a few minor adjustments n we’ll be fine, I’ll start with my name change 2 Johnson,” he tweets.

Oh, and notice that now he wants to stay in Cincinnati. “A few minor adjustments?” He has to be kidding.

Johnson and coach Marvin Lewis have been publicly going at it, with Lewis probably well aware that No. 85 isn’t coming back. Quarterback Carson Palmer has made it clear that he doesn’t think he can have success with the Bengals. The owner says they aren’t trading him, and oh, he’s not very good anymore.

Things are bad in Cincinnati. Really bad. The QB wants out. The coach is staying even though it’s probably time for him to go. Their top receiving target won’t be back (Terrell Owens). Johnson’s skills are declining rapidly. And he’s a headache in general. One of their top corners (Johathan Joseph) is set for free agency.

What else could go wrong?


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