Oakland Raiders Make Big Mistake with Carson Palmer

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Tuesday morning news broke that that the Oakland Raiders traded their 2012 first round draft pick and a 2013 conditional second round draft pick to the Cincinnati Bengals. That conditional pick could turn into another first round pick if the Raiders make the playoffs in either 2011 or 2012. So who did they get for this? If you didn’t already know the answer was Carson Palmer, what player would you have given up that much for?

Almost certainly every name that goes through your mind is an elite player. First round draft choices are used to find franchise players that can start right away. Giving up possibly two of them for a guy that has struggled in recent years, hasn’t practiced with a team this offseason, is coming off an injury, and is on the down slope of his career is just complete and utter stupidity.

There are so many things that pissed me off when hearing about this deal. First off, Cincinnati had laid their cards on the table. They weren’t going to trade or move Carson Palmer. He had zero value to them.  Yet, they found a sucker in Hue Jackson that knows the Bengals are going to have to either move Palmer or eat his $7 million salary and convince him to give up possibly two 1st round draft choices. The new CBA adds even more value to this deal for Cincinnati. Rookies don’t make as much as they did prior to the 2011 CBA. Now teams get young, talented players cheaper. The Raiders’ fans and Palmer supporters will say that they had to give up this much to talk the stubborn Mike Brown into trading Palmer. If that’s the case, then don’t effing trade for him! This takes me to my next point.

NFL fans and even teams fall in love with “names”. Think T.O., Randy Moss or Brett Favre. So often we hear names of available players that once shined in this league and believe that they could do that again with “our” team. There is a reason these players are available, like injuries, age, ineffectiveness, etc.  Carson was a young, upcoming quarterback in the NFL for the first few years of his career. He’s suffered severe injury and hasn’t looked the same since the 2006 season. The Bengals gave him a good running back in Cedric Benson and all the receiving options that a quarterback could ask for last year. He wasn’t able to do much with them but yet we like to remember the 2005 and 2006 Palmer. Coincidentally that’s the time frame that Hue Jackson worked with him. This is what’s fresh in the mind of Jackson, the Palmer that can take a team on his back and has the mindset and athleticism to get a talented team like the Raiders over the hump. That’s not who Carson Palmer is anymore. This is a beat up, older version of that guy and one that hasn’t played competitively this whole offseason. Oh, he’s been throwing the ball to TJ Houshmandzadeh? Big freaking deal, I’ve been throwing to my 4 & 3 year old and both think I have a hell of an arm on that 15-yard out rout with their Nerf ball. Perhaps I should let the Raiders know that I’m on the market. Or do you just have to have a personal relationship with Hue Jackson for them to make a dumb ass deal?

Let’s focus on Hue Jackson for a minute. He seems more caught up in how people will perceive him and his reputation instead of just winning games. I know everyone likes him and we are supposed to speak kind words of everything Al Davis and the Raiders right now but come on. I can’t be the only one seeing this, can I? The inmates have always been running the asylum in Oakland but now it’s even worse. The inmates that learned from the head whack job are now running the asylum. Insanity and stupidity is their reality, it’s their breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hue Jackson’s daddy has left town and Hue has been trusted with his credit card to only use in emergencies. Just like a child at college with their first taste of true responsibility, he’s swiping that card and thinks every purchase qualifies as an emergency. Well he just purchased a lemon. When life gives you lemons, you should ask for salt and tequila, not spend two quality draft picks on a has-been.

This is a talented team in Oakland. They’ll win games just by relying on Darren McFadden and almost any NFL caliber QB can get these talented, speedy receivers the ball. Why spend so much on a guy that’s not the future. Jackson panicked! He hit the panic button and gave away the farm for a 32 year old friend that WAS talented. They’ll be several quarterbacks worth building your franchise around in the 2011 NFL draft, the Raiders won’t get any of them because they got another player at the end of his career, and have now traded away all of their picks except for their 5th and 6th rounders.

I’ve heard all of the Raiders’ fans bragging about, “we’ll get compensatory picks for Robert Gallery and Nnamdi Asomugha”. So sad. Looking forward to compensatory picks as the manner of building a team for the future? Remember those picks when Palmer has the Raiders competing for 2nd place in the AFC West. Listen careful, THIS TRADE SETS BACK THE RAIDERS 5 YEARS!  The more things change, the more they stay the same. Just trade, baby!

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