Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony Likes Rockets Over Knicks?


According to reports by Yahoo Sports, Denver Nuggets executive Josh Kroenke sat down with Carmelo Anthony over the weekend. The Baltimore-based meeting came after weeks of rumors had Anthony interested in moving to another team. Supposedly, those reports indicted, the all-star forward didn't want to re-sign with the Nuggets after the coming 2010-11 NBA season.

Reportedly, despite a lengthy discussion between Anthony and the owner’s son, little was accomplished. In fact, the only news that appeared to emerge after the meeting was that Anthony was more interested in joining the Houston Rockets than the New York Knicks, which had been reported earlier.

The entire situation exists because Anthony has refused to sign a three, $65 million extension with the Nuggets this offseason. The former Syracuse standout believes he can get maximum money from signing an extension with the Nuggets, only to force a trade to another team.

To make matters more complicated, if Anthony opts out of his contract at the end of next season, he faces the risk of losing possible years and money on maximum contracts when the owners and players’ association agree on a new collective bargaining agreement.

The Nuggets are also close to hiring a new general manager who they hope will make a difference in the way Anthony thinks about his future with the team. At this point, Kroenke’s advisor, Bret Bearup, has the most significant say in what happens with the franchise.

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