Nude Man Runs Onto Field During A's-Braves Game (Video)


The Oakland A's-Atlanta Braves game was interrupted last night in the sixth inning when an unidentified man ran onto Turner Field without a stitch of clothing.

The Braves were leading 4-2 when the nude man sprinted onto the field from behind the Braves' dugout, notes the Associated Press.

A couple of people in the stands shot non-explicit videos (below) of the streaker.

The naked man was soon tackled by clothed security guards in center field, and was escorted off the field in front of tens of thousands of people.

Braves' fan Chris Plemons posted some close-up, stylish, black-and-white pictures from the rear (literally) on Twitter.

The game ended on a high note for the Braves who won 4-3, thanks to Chris Johnson, who had three hits and two RBIs, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The Braves (63-60), who are struggling in National League East, defeated the A’s (73-50) on Friday 7-2.

Sources: Associated Press, Atlanta Journal Constitution


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