Notre Dame Unveils New 2012 Shamrock Series Uniforms (Photos)


In preparation for the looming college football season, the good folks over at Notre Dame unveiled their brand new 2012 Shamrock series uniforms on Thursday. This new garb won’t be worn regularly, but it will be on full display Oct. 6 when the Fighting Irish take on Miami at Soldier Field.

Even though these unis will be worn pretty rarely, a lot of folks seemed displeased with the way they turned out. Here is just a taste of what was basically the consensus reaction, via Mark Lazerus of the Sun-Times:

Staid, stoic Notre Dame joined the alternate jersey craze Thursday by unveiling what can gently be described as a bold new look — one that was immediately (and inevitably) met with wailing and gnashing of teeth online by many in a fan base that has spent the past month fretting about the horrors of in-game stadium music and artificial turf.

That’s probably not the endorsement that Notre Dame bigwigs were hoping for. Are these uniforms really as bad as folks are making them out to be?

Check them out for yourselves (via One Foot Down):

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In all honesty, they really don’t seem bad at all. Not sure what the controversy is about. It’s not as if the Fighting Irish had extraordinarily great uniforms in the first place.

To each his own, I guess.

(Kudos One Foot Down, Sun-Times)

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