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Noteworthy MLB Stats: Giants, Orioles, Tigers, Reds, Braves, Indians and More

As a lifelong baseball fan, I have become slightly addicted to hearing stats and I love interesting ones. Here are some that caught my eye the past few weeks:

  • Hunter Pence is the only player with more than 13 SB to not be caught yet
  • The Giants now have 54 quality starts in 113 games
  • 29 players have 100 strikeouts this year already…2 of them are hitting above .300 (Davis and Cargo)
  • Orioles, Tigers, and Reds are the only teams above .500 with a losing record in 1-run games. Remember that come October
  • Adrian Beltre—the only guy in the top 15 without a SB—is tied for the league lead in hits
  • In 13 games against the Braves this year, the Nationals have scored 0 runs in the 7th inning or later against the Braves bullpen (39+ innings)
  • The Indians and Orioles are the only teams above .500 to NOT be in the top 20 for ERA
  • The Royals have pitched the fewest innings in all of baseball (988.1)
  • The Braves magic number is 33……in early August
  • Adam Dunn is on pace for 38 HR and 100 RBI
  • The Nationals are MUCH closer to last place than 1st place (10 games compared to 15.5)
  • The Braves, Pirates, and Red Sox all have more wins at home than the Astros have total

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