A Note About ProFootballTalk's Coverage of the Vikings Stadium Issue

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Minor and quick (but fun!) point.

Here are the results when you search ProFootballTalk.com for "Economist" (you, know an expert in finance and the like?). The last story? Almost a full year ago--May 29, 2011, wherein PFT reported on how the lockout was affecting employees of the NFL. It should be noted as well that the search function turned up a grand total of four posts since April 2010. Now, should the lads at PFT be reporting every little thing an expert economist has to say on sports? No, but...

You might think a story that has huge implications financially, like, say, The Minnesota Vikings demanding a public handout of a half-billion dollars, might merit a single interview or a report (or a quote!) from a sports economist. Not at the pre-eminent NFL blog, apparently. Maybe they just stay away from stadium matters?

Judged by the number of times they've passed along the words of Vikings Stadium flunky/heavy Lester Bagley, the answer there is emphatic and not-at-all shocking "No". They cover stadium matters. Especially if an NFL man has something to say about it.

I'm not saying an economist should be quoted as often as an active member of the Vikings goon squad, but maybe a little more often than never compared to Bagley's dozens and dozens? Forbes' sports and business guy found a report from UBS that might be worth mentioning, for example.


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