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Notable MLB Stats: Tigers, Yankees, Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Red Sox, Pirates, Indians and More

I made a point not to give you any Yasiel Puig stats, because I figured that ESPN has probably told us everything we need to know. Anyways, here are some more interesting/surprising stats from the 2013 season:

  • Miguel Cabrera has more RBI (111) than the top two Astros’ combined (110)
  • Mariano Rivera’s rough week isn’t as surprising when you see that he is posting his highest WHIP of his career this year at 1.20…. Hasn’t been over 1.00 since 2007
  • Paul Goldschmidt leads all 1st basemen with 13 SB
  • Julio Teheran has 8 pickoffs, most in MLB and twice as many as the next right-hander
  • The Cardinals are 10-14 since the All Star Break, which is worst among current playoff teams
  • Cole Hamels (5-13) has as many quality starts as Max Scherzer (17-1)
  • Diamondbacks are 12th in team average overall, but #1 in the 7th inning or later
  • The Tigers and Red Sox have already scored more runs this year than the Astros did all of last year
  • Roberto Hernandez has issued as many intentional walks as the entire Red Sox team (7)
  • The Pirates have 1 guy in the top 50 for OPS, the Cardinals have 4, and the Reds have 3
  • Indians have worst road record of any team over .500 (25-31)

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