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Notable MLB Stats: Orioles, Tigers, Cardinals, Red Sox, Dodgers, Braves and More

I promise that there is only one stat about Yasiel Puig and it is not even a good one. I know; ESPN would like us to believe no such thing exists. Anyways, here are some interesting stats from around the league:

  • Max Scherzer has gone gone 5-1 with 2 no decisions in games where he gives up 3 runs or more. 
  • Justin Verlander has gone 4-8 with 3 no decisions when he gives up 3 or more
  • Since the All star break Yasiel Puig has 11 RBI, which is tied for 77th in the NL and 162nd best in the MLB (don’t tell ESPN that, though)
  • Martin Prado has the most RBI in the MLB since the All Star break with 37
  • Braves have the best record in baseball despite 8 teams having a better road record
  • Among qualifying outfielders, Bryce Harper is 16th in average, 17th in HR and 35th in RBI
  • Cardinals, as a team are 26th in HR, but 9th in slugging percentage, and 3rd in runs
  • Camden Yards, the Orioles home field, has given up the most HR in the league
  • Due in large part to their ballpark, the Orioles have at least 19 more HR than every other team
  • Of the top 15 teams in SB, only 3 would make the playoffs if the season ended today. Tigers and Cardinals are last and second to last, respectively
  • The Mariners’ bullpen is 29th in ERA, but 1st in strikeouts
  • The Red Sox have only been caught stealing 19 times in 120 attempts

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