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NFL Analysis: Dennis Allen Not Right for Eagles

The Eagles are set to interview Saints defensive backs coach, Dennis Allen, for the vacant defensive coordinator position.  I’m not buying it.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but the whole premise behind firing Sean McDermott, aside from his inability to get the job done, was the intent to bring in more experience to the position.

McDermott is only 36 years old and was thrust into the position following the death of Jim Johnson.  Granted, following Johnson and his legacy of one fo the finest defensive coordinators in the league is no easy task… especially with the personnel offered to McDermott.  That said, he appeared in a little over his head at times. 

So, to then shift attention to the 38 year old Dennis Allen who has no NFL or college experience as a coordinator simply makes no sense to me.  Adding Jim Washburn is a very overlooked move.  The 4-3 defense is predicated on line pressure which Washburn has simply been a pro at creating.  So why nullify that with a defensive coordinator with no experience?

The only thing that can explain the interview is perhaps the Eagles are waiting on Dick Jauron to take over the defensive coordinator postion and then offer the secondary coaching to Allen.  Problem?  It’s a lateral move.  Where is the sense in that for Allen or the Saints )who will need to first approve of it).  Perhaps this is all simply posturing for a coach that is still making noise in the playoffs?  Say, Jet’s DC, Mike Pettine? 

Pettine grew up in Doylestown, Pa and coached at North Penn.  His defense is often overshadowed by the presence of Rex Ryan.  Could he be interested in returning home?  According to him, he’s staying put.  But don’t they all say that?


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