Not Again: Heat’s LeBron Joins Wade with Preseason Injury

Seriously, this is like watching dumb flies continuously fly into the zapper.

At what point, after how many injuries, do you realize that you’re probably pushing a little too hard in games that mean absolutely nothing?

If you’re LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the rest of the Miami Heat no-ring circus: not soon enough.

While playing CKSA Moscow on Tuesday night, James left the game early with muscle cramps. Granted, cramps aren’t exactly a big deal, however you wouldn’t have known that if you had heard the one large gasp that the crowd let out at AmericanAirlines Arena. And considering half of the people in attendance don’t know a pick-and-roll from a Tootsie Roll you just know that the concept of a leg cramp went right over their heads.

Most of them are probably still crying themselves to sleep thinking James went down with something serious.

Exactly a week ago when the Heat squared off against the hapless Detroit Pistons in the team’s preseason opener, Wade went down with a strained hamstring. Now a strained hamstring, that’s no leg cramp. That’s a pesky injury that may even keep Wade out of the team’s season opener at the TD Garden against the Boston Celtics on October 26.

Which brings us to the question: Why is the Heat so intent on showing off in games that don’t matter?

Prior to the preseason kicking off, TDH noted how intensely Miami was playing in practice. How they were finishing off their plays with flashy dunks, nifty passes and highly-emotional outbursts.

The team had something to prove, except they proved it when nobody cared.  

This time, James’ injury came as he led the Heat back from a 10-point deficit against their Russian opponents. Clearly...

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