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Not Again: Floyd Mayweather Accused of Roughing Up Security Guard

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is making headlines again. And it’s for all the wrong reasons…again.

According to TMZ,cops were dispatched to Mayweather’s Las Vegas home Monday night after a private security guard filed a complaint. According to the guard, Mayweather “poked” him in the face after words were exchanged. Sources close to TMZ say the whole thing started when the guard confronted Mayweather over a parking situation.

Apparently, because this incident was only a misdemeanor battery, the officers did not have to arrest Mayweather. Rather, they simply filed a report, told the undefeated boxer they intented to turn the case over to the D.A., and left the scene.

Mayweather’s representatives have not yet issued a statement on their client's latest PR mess.

As Manny Pacquiao sits on top of the world after beating down Antonio Margarito this weekend, Mayweather is spiraling further into the abyss. First it was the domestic battery issues he faced earlier in the year. Now this.

At what point is this guy going to start getting press clippings for what made him famous in the first place?

Or are those days over?


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