Northwestern To Sport Controversial ‘Blood-Splattered’ American Flag Uniforms

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Northwestern University’s latest football uniforms have some people pleased and others angered over the new blood-splattered design.

For a game against Michigan this weekend, Northwestern will wear grey colored uniforms designed by Under Armour with images of the American flag splattered with what some are describing as blood.

The space on the jerseys usually reserved for players’ names will instead include one of these words: Duty, honor, commitment, courage, country, integrity or service.

The jerseys, being called the new Wounded Warrior special edition, will be auctioned off after Saturday’s game, according to ESPN.

The school will donate 100 percent of the those proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project, which raises money to help veterans access health and other services upon returning from serving in the military.

Replica jerseys will be sold with 10 percent of those proceeds donated to the Project.

While the university means well, the jersey has sparked controversy. The website Deadspin described the design as “gore porn.”

Think Progress’ Travis Waldron thinks that while raising as much money as possible for troops is all well and good, it can be done in a way that “wouldn’t trivialize the brutalities those troops face and the blood that is spilled in actual battle either.”

Jesse Reed, a columnist for the Bleacher Report disagrees, calling the uniform “classy.”

“Those return home after injuring themselves in the line of duty deserve even more gratitude and praise, and any chance we have to honor them, we should,” Reed wrote.

While the design has upset some, Under Armour communications manager Danielle Cavalli Daly told ABC 7 Chicago that the “authentically distressed pattern… depicts a flag that has flown proudly over a long period of time.”

Northwestern spokesman Paul Kennedy said Monday apologized for “any misinterpretation,” and added that Boston College used a similar design last year.

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