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North Carolina Receiver Erik Highsmith Allegedly Plagiarized the Work of 11-Year-Old Kids

North Carolina has had its fair share of student-athlete scandals over the last year. There were sanctions. There were bans. There were accusations of officials turning a blind eye on the basketball program; talk of the football program being made out to be the scapegoat for a larger, systemic issue. And yet over the course of everything that happened, never has as embarrassing an accusation been made as the one recently made against wide receiver, Erik Highsmith.

According to the Charlotte Observer (by way of SportsGrid), Highsmith needed to write a blog for his communications class. The blog accounted for 30 percent of his grade. (Which is pretty crazy in itslf.) He did end up writing some posts (two posts in seven days), however, he apparently ripped them off from two different sources.

Which sources? Via the report (bold is ours):

The first entry was virtually identical to a passage on an education website written by four 11-year-olds for their peers. The second mirrored much of an essay someone posted on, a website that helps people prepare for the SAT, GRE and other college entry exams.

Highsmith had no comment when the Observer tried to reach out for a response to these accusations. Shocking, right? On the bright side, though, he had 66 yards on four receptions against Duke this weekend. Isn’t that all that really matters?

(Kudos Charlotte Observer, SportsGrid)

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