Norm MacDonald Bets $25,000 on Manny Pacquiao vs. Shane Mosley


Norm MacDonald finally did something noteworthy on his new comedy central sports show, aptly named “Sports Show with Norm MacDonald.”

In the latest episode, MacDonald made a bet for the coming May 7 bout between Manny Pacquiao and ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley. Like the rest of the world, the comedian figures that Pacquiao is a lock to make Mosley’s face one with the canvas – and as a result he’s decided to stake $25,000 on the Filipino superstar.

If he wins, MacDonald is in line to earn a whopping $3,125. Some may question if a $25,000 risk is really worth such a paltry reward, but trust me, it is. Barring a bolt of lightning striking Pacquiao down during the second round, he’ll win this match handily.

Plus, Norm gets some headlines for his show, which is always great. Sports comedy recaps is a very tiny niche market, and the fact that the host is better in small doses -- maybe 5 minutes every 6 years -- doesn’t help the Sport Show's cause.

Here’s to hoping that Norm saves his gambling winnings, because his odds of keeping that show for an extended period of time are a bit like Mosley’s odds of winning this fight.  


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