Nonito Donaire Will Help Brandon Rios Train for Manny Pacquiao? No


The boxing world was sent into a frenzy this past week when a rumor began to circulate that Nonito Donaire would help Brandon Rios prepare for his upcoming bout against Manny Pacquiao. While Donaire and Pacquiao aren’t exactly joint at the hip and don’t have any major allegiances to one another aside from mutual respect, the thought of one Filipino hero working against another peeved some people.

Of course, the major problem with this rumor is that it’s nonsense. It seemingly began to make the rounds when ABS-CBN reported in an interview that, while working with Robert Garcia at the Oxnard Gym, Donaire would aid the other guy Garcia is known to train – Rios. Donaire quickly came out to squash the rumor, calling it ‘misleading,’ but the damage had been done.

While many have been busily peddling this ridiculous gossip, few have stopped to ask the obvious question: how exactly could Donaire help Rios?

Aside from being Filipino and short enough to stand in for Pacquiao, what insight could Donaire possibly offer? It’s not like he has some sort of wealth of knowledge that would help Rios out. Donaire and Pacquiao are two different fighters, at two different stages of their careers, employing two different gameplans for success. The idea that Donaire would or could offer any more assistance than any other training partner is nonsense.

Filipino Icon 1 turns on Filipino Icon 2 makes for a great headline, but in terms of substance, there’s nothing to this rumor. 


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